One-visit root canals.

Our one-visit root canals are a procedure intended to treat the inside of your tooth in order to preserve the structure of your tooth. If a cavity is left untreated, decay can extend into the central, living layers of the tooth. This leaves your tooth vulnerable to bacteria, which can then infect the pulp area, leading to infection, tooth pain or an abscess. If left untreated, the infection can continue to worsen, leading to the potential loss of your tooth.

If you are experiencing a toothache, sensitivity to hot or cold, tenderness to pressure when chewing, increased sensitivity when you lie down or even swelling, these may be signs that decay has progressed to the point where a root canal is required to save the tooth.

We understand that many people have anxiety about having a root canal. Rest assured, we make it a priority to create a comforting, caring and anxiety-free experience to ensure that you’re at ease throughout the entire procedure. Root canals are a common procedure that our Nanaimo dentists are experienced and knowledgeable in. We will ensure that you have adequate dental anesthetics to ensure you don’t feel anything during your procedure, making it feel no different from a routine filling.

After the root canal proctor is complete, a filling can be placed, if needed, however, a tooth crown is the more recommended restoration solution for any root canal treated tooth for its ability to prevent fracturing.

If you think you may have an infected tooth, book an appointment at our Nanaimo dental clinic as soon as possible and get the pain relief you deserve.

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Does your clinic offer sedation options?

Yes! We offer two options to make your appointment more comfortable. We can administer oral sedatives one hour prior to your appointment that will make you quite relaxed and calm for your dental treatment. You will be required to have a responsible adult accompany you to and from your appointment if you take oral sedatives. We also administer nitrous oxide known as “laughing gas” for patients who would prefer to leave and go about their day immediately after their appointment with no after-effects.

Can I bring my children to this clinic?

Yes! We see babies and children of all ages. At times it is necessary to refer a child to a specialist for treatment depending on age and/or the treatment needed.

Can I have a one-visit root canal?

Yes! The vast majority of root canals we do involve only a single visit.

Is there convenient parking?

Yes! There is ample parking right outside our door, which is free and convenient.

Sedation dentistry.

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